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Below are a few of the common questions that users have when first using NoteAbilityPro.

All of the notes I enter have their stems up or all of the notes I enter have the stems down no matter where I put them on the staff.

Check to see if you have the Stem Direction radio button set to up or down - this will set the stems automatically. The Stem Direction buttons are located in the top-left of the Score Controls. You can always change incorrect stem directions by selecting them and using the Flip Stems command or by setting the correct stem direction and clicking on the Set Voice button.

I have the Insert Image tool selected but when I click in the document no note appears.

Make sure you have a valid command in the Command field at the top of the score window. Secondly, make sure you have positioned the Entry Cursor at the location you want to enter the note. When entering notes, you cannot click the mouse above or below the Entry Cursor.

I press the Play button or select the Play Score menu item but there's no sound.

Check the Track Setup panel to make sure your tracks (i.e. staves) are set to the correct sound output method. If this is set properly and you are using MIDI you may wish to check the MIDI connections of your equipment and the settings in the Midi Ports panel. If you are using another sound method, check to see that the volume on your computer is turned up. You should also check the Start At Measure field on the Playback Setting pane in the Music Images Panel - it is possible that the starting measure is higher than the highest measure you have data in. It is also possible you have the Play This Staff or Play Staff ID buttons the Playback Setting pane checked and set to a staff with no notes on it. If there still is no sound, check the Playback Map to ensure that you are not repeating a section of the score with no notes in it.

Part of the screen disappears when the page is redrawn.

An image has probably been dragged out of position. Use the Refresh Page button on the Panic panel and remove or adjust the offending image.

The final barline on the system seems to have moved off-screen and I can't drag it back into position.

The rhythmic spine on that system has been incorrectly formed. Use the Rebuild Spine on This System button on the Panic panel to reset the rhythmic spine.

Although I can move notes up and down, I am not able to change notes to a new beat position.

Notes must be cut and pasted in order to move them to a new beat location.

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