Panic Panel
  1. Choose Tools in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Panic... from the Tools menu.

The Panic panel contains buttons to refresh the page display, to rebuild the rhythmic spine, or to reset image positions. It is called the "Panic" panel because it is only used when your document has inadvertently been altered in a ways that cannot be fixed with other formatting or editing operations.

Occassionally, the rhythmic spine may become distorted during system formatting. If this happens, you can rebuild the spine by clicking the Rebuild Spine Throughout Document or Rebuild Spine On This System buttons. As the buttons suggest, the first operation rebuilds the spine throughout the document while the second only rebuilds the spine on the system that the Entry Cursor is on. When rebuilding the spine, the Recalculate Measure Spacing radio button causes the measures re-spaced according to the meter, while the Retain Current Measure Spacing will rebuild the rhyhmic spine within each measure, but not adjust the size that the measure currently are. In the example below, the two radio button settings are used on a spine that was distorted because a number of Beat buttons were dragged out of order.

Damaged spine:

Spine rebuild but measures spacing retained:

Spine rebuilt and measure spacing recalculated:

The Reset Note/Rest Positions button is used to move adjusted notes and rests back to their original spine positions. In the case of regular notes, this will only be necessary if a note has been dragged away from the spine while holding the Control key down.

In the example below, the note in the lower voice is reset to its original spine position after having previously been adjusted to the right.

- To check whether a note has been dragged away from its spine position, select it and choose the Image Info tab view in the Image Attributes pane of the Music Images panel. The distance that the image has been adjusted to the left (negative) or right (positive) will be displayed in the XOffset field of this pane.

The Refresh This Page button (or Command - !) will cause the current page to be redrawn. This button can be used when a portion of the page is not drawn properly, and the page needs to be refreshed. Redraw errors sometimes occur when an image accidentally gets dragged too far out of position (eg. across several systems). Deleteing the image, or moving it back to its proper positions should resolve this problem.

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