Keyboard Alternatives and Shortcuts

Many NoteAbilityPro menu commands can be invoked by using the keyboard instead of using the mouse. Using keyboard alternatives can radically speed up the operation of NoteAbilityPro.

Keyboard alternatives for NoteAbilityPro menus

Preferences... Command-CTRL - p Show NoteAbilityPro's Preferences panel
Hide NoteAbilityPro... Command - h Hide NoteAbilityPro and its windows
Quit Command - q Quit NoteAbilityPro application

New Command - n Create a new document
Open... Command - o Open a document
Close Command-OPT - k Close the active score
Save Command - s Save current document
Save As... Command - S Save current document under a new name
Save Selection As PDF Command-OPT - 9 Save current selection as a PDF file
Save Selection As EPS Command-OPT - 0 Save current selection as an EPS file
Revert to Saved Command-CTRL - r Revert score to saved state
Import Guido Command-CTRL - g Import a Guido file into the active score
Import NoteWriter Command - N Import a NoteWriter file
Page Setup... Command - P Display the Page Setup panel
Print... Command - p Print the active score
Print All... Command-CTRL -P Print all open scores
Play score Command-OPT - , Play the active score
Play selection Command-OPT - . Play the currently selected passage

Undo Command - zUndo the last operation
Redo Command - Z Redo the last undo
Cut Command - x Cut data to pasteboard
Copy Command - c Copy data to pasteboard in NoteAbilityPro format
Copy All Types Command - C Copy data to pasteboard in various formats
Paste Into Command - v Paste data from the pasteboard into the score
Paste Exact Command - V Paste an exact copy of the data from the pasteboard into the score
Paste Over Command-OPT - v Paste data after removing images at the destination
Insert Command-CTRL - + Paste data after shifting music to the right to make room
Delete Command-CTRL - - Delete the selected data
Select Page Command - A Select the current page
Select Document Command - a Select the entire document
Change Staff Command-OPT - S Change selected data to current staff
Set Voice Command-OPT - V Set selected data to current voice
Jump Back Command - g Jump back to previous Entry Cursor position
Previous Page Command - < Move to previous page in the score
Next Page Command - > Move to next page in the score

Grid On/Off Command - G Turn the NoteAbilityPro grid on or off
Show/Hide All Buttons Command - \ Show or Hide all Score Layout buttons
Show/Hide Control Pts Command - D Show or Hide Control Points
Show/Hide Ruler Command - R Show or Hide the NoteAbilityPro page ruler
Clear Tuplet Button Command - e Clear the Control panel tuplet buttons
Refresh Page Command - L Redraw the current page
Zoom In Command - = Increase the page magnification
Zoom Out Command - - Decrease the page magnification
Show Colors Command-CTRL - c Show the Color Panel
Align Vertical Command-OPT - < Align Selected Images Vertically
Align Horizontal Command-OPT - > Align Selected Images Horizontally
Change Document Size... Command-CTRL-OPT - d Change the dimensions of the current document.
Insert Blank Measure Command-OPT - m Insert a blank measure immediately following the current measure
Delete This Measure Command-OPT - M Delete the current measure along with all images contained in the measure
Delete This Page Command-OPT - P Delete the current page along with all images contained on the page

Music Images Panel... Command - K Displays the Music Images panel
Score Structure Panel... Command - I Displays the Score Structure panel
Keyboard... Command - k Displays the Keyboard panel
Overview... Command - O Displays the Overview panel
Toggle Insert <-> Select Command-OPT - x Toggles between Insert and Select modes
Toggle Entry Cursor Command-OPT - z Toggles the Entry Cursor on and off
Toggle Auto Increment Command-OPT - w Toggles the Entry Cursor Auto Increment on and off
Part Extraction... Command - X Displays the Part Extraction panel

Flip Stems Command - fFlip the stems of selected notes
Hide/Show Stems Command-OPT - s Hide or show stems on selected notes and rests
Hide/Show Ledgers Command-OPT - l Hide or show ledgers on selected notes
Slur Notes Command - W Slur selected notes or groups of shift selected notes
Tie Notes Command - T Tie selected notes or chords
Tie Each Group Command-OPT - T Tie each selected group of notes
Untie Notes Command-OPT - u Remove ties from selected notes
Flip Tie Direction Command - F Flip the tie direction of selected notes
Swallow Tie Command-CTRL - T Remove tie and adjust note durations
Merge Note Values Command-OPT - Z Merge multiple notes and rests into single notes or rests
Build Chord Command-OPT - c Build a chord from selected notes
Build Grace Chord Command-OPT - C Build a grace chord from selected grace notes
Add Grace Slash Command-OPT - \ Add a grace slash to selected notes
Remove Grace Slash Command-OPT - | Remove the grace slash from selected notes

Enharmonic Above Command - + Change note to the enharmonic equivalent above
Enharmonic Below Command - _ Change note to the enharmonic equivalent below
Force Accidental Command - 1 Force the accidental to be visible
Don't Force Accidental Command-OPT - A Don't force accidentals on selected notes
Force Sharps and Flats Command-OPT - # Force all sharps and flats on selected notes to be visible
Parentheses On/Off Command - { Turn Parentheses around accidentals On or Off
Ficta On/Off Command - 7 Turn Ficta accidentals On or Off
Double Sharp Command - 2 Change accidental to double sharp
Sharp Command - 3 Change accidental to sharp
Natural Command - 4 Change accidental to natural
Flat Command - 5 Change accidental to flat
Double Flat Command - 6 Change accidental to double flat
Quarter Flat Command - 9 Change accidental to quarter flat
Quarter Sharp Command - 0 Change accidental to quarter sharp

Show/Hide Tuplets Command - ] Show or hide the selected tuplet
Show/Hide Bracket Command - [ Show or hide the tuplet bracket
Show/Hide Ratio Command-OPT - ] Show or hide the tupet ratio (eg. 3:2)
Straighten Tuplets Command-OPT - [ Align the tuplet to the beam angle
Flip Tuplet Direction Command-OPT - f Flip the tuplet above or below notes
Form Tuplet Command-OPT - t Form a tuplet on selected notes

Beam Notes Command - b Form the selected notes into a beam group
Beam On Beat Command-OPT - b Form beams according to beat groupings in measures
Beam Each Group Command - B Form each shift-selected group of notes into a beam
Unbeam Notes Command - H Remove beams from selected notes
Straighten Beam Command - | Make beam horizontally straight

Insert Single Rest Command - r Insert a rest of current duration
Insert Rests In Selection Command-OPT - r Fill rests in selected score area
Build Measure Rests Command-OPT - R Build multiple measure rests in selected score area

Mensurstrich On/Off Command - 8 Turn mensurstrich barlines on or off in current measure
Tick Barlines On/Off Command-CTRL - 9 Turn tick barlines on or off in current measure
Hide/Show Barline Command-OPT - 1 Hide or show the barline in the current measure

Make Text Global Command-OPT - g Mark selected text/images as global for inclusion in parts
Make Header Command-OPT - h Mark text as Header text so that it appears on each page
Remove Header Command-OPT - H Unmark text as Header text so that it no longer appears on each page
Annotation On/Off Command-OPT - A Turn text annotation on or off
Make Font Smaller Command-CTRL - , Make selected text boxes 1 point size smaller
Make Font Larger Command-CTRL - . Make selected text boxes 1 point size larger

Show Fonts Command - t Show the Font panel
Italic Command-CTRL - b Change selected text to Bold
Italic Command-CTRL - i Change selected text to Italic
Underline Command - u Change selected text to be underlined
Bigger Command-OPT - = Increase the font size of selected text
Smaller Command-OPT - - Decrease the font size of selected text

Hide/Show System Dividers Command-OPT - / Hide or show system dividers on current page
Add Cautionary Time Sigs Command-OPT - % Show cautionary time signatures on current page

Track Setup Command-CTRL-OPT - t Show the Track Setup panel

Close Window Command - w Close the front window
Minimize Window Command - m Minimize the front window

Play From Cursor Command-CTRL - 3 Play the score from the Entry Cursor measure
Pause/Restart Command-CTRL - 4 Pause playback or restart when paused
Reset Tempo Command-CTRL - 5 Reset the tempo after adjustments from the Transport Controls
Tempo Jump Up Command-CTRL - 6 Increase playback tempo by 10 beats per minute
Tempo Jump Down Command-CTRL - 7 Decrease playback tempo by 10 beats per minute

NoteAbilityPro Help... Command - ? Display on-line help files
Image List... Command - d Display a list of NoteAbilityPro images

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