Modify/ Cresc- Decresc Menu

The Modify/Cresc menu lists commands for creating crescendi, descrescendi, lines and graphics that extend across multiple systems.

Normally crescendi and descrescendi are entered using the Cresc tool from the NoteAbilityPro Tools palette. However, if you need a crescendo or a decrescendo to cross from one system to another, you will need to do the following:

  1. Choose the Select Score tool from the NoteAbilityPro Tools palette
  2. click to place the starting arrow of the selection on the staff and location you want your crescendo or decrescendo to start
  3. click again to place the ending arrow on the staff and location you want your crescendo or decrescendo to end.
  4. choose either the Build Cresc or Build Decresc menu items to create the image

The example below should make this clear. The selection area is shown, followed by the crescendo that results.

It is also possible to use these menu items to create crescendi or descrescendi across many staves. In this case, select several staves with the Select Score arrows by placing the start arrow on the first staff and the end arrow on the last staff that you want included. A crescendo or decrescendo will be added to each staff. The example below should make this clear:

The Toggle Niente Cresc menu is used to alter selected crescendo or decrescendi marks so that the have a small circle at the point (indicating that they are niente crescendo or descresendo marks)

The Build Pedal Line menu item adds a pedal line of the type indicated in the Pedal pane in the Music Images Panel. Pedal changes (up-down diagonal lines) can be added by double-clicking on the pedal line once it has been added. The vertical location of the pedal line is controlled by the Lyric Button located below the staff on the left side of the system.

To create horizontal lines, octava markings and trills that cross systems, use the Select Score tool to mark the beginning and ending positions on the score. The horizontal lines will be set to the current line type and line thickness set in the Graphics pane of the Music Images panel. All these images appear above the selected staff other than the octava basso indication which appears below the selected staff:

- When lines are added to your score using the Create Horizontal Line menu, they will always remain horizontal. If you need lines are not horizontal, use the Line tool from the Image palette to draw freehand lines.

- Only the beginning and ending points of pedal markings, horizontal lines, trills and octave markings can be adjusted even when they cross multiple systems. Adjusting either of these control points up or down will shift the entire image up or down.

To create arpeggio marks in front of selected notes or chords, select the notes and choose the Build Arpeggio menu item. The arpeggios added using this procedure are purely graphical and have no association with the notes they appear in front of.


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