Modify/ Accidentals Menu

The Modify/Accidentals menu lists commands for adding, deleting, and modifying accidentals.

The Enharmonic Above and Enharmonic Below menu items alter selected notes so that they are the enharmonic equivalent a diatonic step above or below the original note. (The enharmonic above F# is Gb and the enharmonic below F# is Ex). In some instances, the enharmonic equivalents are not possible, so the original pitches are left (as in the case of the enharmonics below C# and D#)

Original - - - Enharmonic Above - - - Enharmonic Below

The Force Accidental menu item is used to cause accidentals to be shown that are normally considered to be redundant. The Don't Force Acc. is used to turn off forced accidentals.

Original passage - - - Accidental forced on F#

- It is not possible to use the Don't Force Acc. menu item to remove an accidental that is considered to be essential (eg. the second note in the example above.)

The Force Sharps and Flats menu item causes accidentals to be shown on all notes which have a double sharp, sharp, flat or double flat. This is useful in highly chromatic music where the composer does not want accidentals to carry through the measure.

The Parentheses On/Off menu item is used to add or remove parentheses around accidentals; parentheses are often used for cautionary accidentals. If an accidental already has parentheses, they are removed, otherwise they are added. In the example below parentheses were added to the penultimate note which had previously been forced with Force Accidental

- The accidental placed in parethesis is slightly smaller than the regular accidental.

The Ficta On/Off item is used to alter selected notes to either use Musica Ficta or not. Musica Ficta refers to the placement of accidentals above the note rather than to the left of it; this method of positioning accidentals was common in Early Music. If needed regularly, Musica Ficta can be set as a preference (in the Other Tab of the NoteAbilityPro Preference panel). The example below shows a passage followed by the same passage using Ficta accidentals.

The vertical position of Ficta accidentals is adjusted by using the Shift Accidental buttons in the the Accidentals & Articutlations pane of the Music Images panel. Rather than adjusting the position left or right, the position is adjusted up or down. Parentheses may also be added to Ficta accidentals using the Parenthesis On/Off menu item from this menu.

The Double Sharp, Sharp, Natural, Flat, Double Flat, Quarter Flat, and Quarter Sharpmenu items are used to change the accidentals of selected notes to the indicated accidentals. Normally, redundant accidentals within the measure are not repeated. In the example below, all notes were selected and the Sharp menu item was choosen.

- Since the last entered note is automatically considered to be selected, you can use the Command shortcuts (Command-2 through Command-6) to add an accidental to a note immediately after entering it.

- The relative position of accidentals can be adjusted using the Accidentals & Articutlations pane of the Music Images panel.

- The rule that governs whether accidentals carry through the measure or not can be set in the Rules tab of the NoteAbilityPro Preferences panel.

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