Staff Attributes Pane
  1. If the Score Structure panel is not already visible on your screen, choose Score Structure Panel... from the Tools menu to make it visible.
  2. If the Staff Attributes pane (which contains the tabs: Staff Lines, Labels and Size) is not visible in the Score Structure Panel, select Staff Attributes from the Available Panes pull-down menu at the top of the Score Structure Panel.
  3. Choose between the three tabs in the Staff Attributes pane to view controls for Staff Lines, Staff Labels or Staff Size.

Staff Lines Tab

The Staff Lines tab view is used to alter the number and arrangement of staff lines

To change only the staff type (i.e. the number and arrangement of staff lines), select the new staff type using the Staff Type slider, choose whether the change should take place only on the current system only or on all subsequent systems, set the Staff Number that is to be altered. If you want the staff type to change in the middle of the system, click the Change From Cursor check box. Once all the settings are correct, click the Change Type Only button.

In the example below, the entire staff was changed from a five line staff to a two line staff. (The clef was also changed using the Clef & Key Signature pane.

Original staff:

New staff type:

Clef Inserted at beat 1.00 of first measure:

In the following example, the Change From Cursor feature was used. The Entry Cursor was placed on beat 5.00 of the first measure (i.e. on the barline) and the staff type of Staff Number 2 was changed to have 0 staff lines. The Entry Cursor was then placed on beat 5.00 of the second measure (i.e. on the barline) and the staff type of Staff Number 2 was changed to have 5 staff lines. The result is a cut-out score where sections of the staff are invisible.

If you want your staff lines to be dashed rather than solid, selected the Dashed radio button before clicking on the Change Staff Type button.

Staff Labels Tab

To change staff labels in your score:

  1. type in the new staff labels in the Main and/or Secondary text fields
  2. set the label justification (usually labels are Right justified,)
  3. set the staff you want to modify with either by adjusting the slider or by typing the ID number into the Staff ID text field
  4. set whether you want only the current staff altered (This System Only) or this staff in All Subsequent Systems
  5. click on the Change Staff Labels button

If you want to remove either the Main or Secondary labels, type a single space in the text field before clicking on the Change Staff Labels button. The font and size of staff labels are set in the NoteAbilityPro Preference panel.

The Set Label Just. button is used to set the staff label on the staff to be either right or left justified. This button affects all staves in the system. If you set a staff label to be left justified, you will likely have to adjust the Staff Label Position arrow which is located just to the left of the top of each system.

Right Justified - - - - Left Justified - - Label Position adjusted

- The Main staff label is placed to the left of the staff, while the Secondary staff label is centred between the the staff and the next staff in the system. If you already have a Main or Secondary label that you want to remove, enter a single space in the text field.

Staff Size Tab

To change the point size of staves:

  1. adjust the point size slider or type the new point size into the text field
  2. set the staff ID you want to alter by adjusting the slider or typing the staff ID number into the text field
  3. indicate whether you want to change all staves in the system or just the current staff ID
  4. indicate wether you want to change only this system (This System Only) or All Subsequent Systems in the score
  5. Click on the Change Staff Size button.

All notes on the altered staves will be adjusted in size to the new point size, but the horizontal locations of the images will not be altered.

- If you place your Entry Cursor in the first measure of the score, then choose to Change All Staves in System and All Subsequent Systems, then you will change the size of all staves in the score.

- When the Entry Cursor is place on a staff, the Image Size slider and display in the Image Attributes pane is adjusted to the staff size so that images are entered at the correct point size.

In the example below, the third staff was altered to have a point size of 18. Notice that all images associated with the staff are reduced to the new point size. As well, a staff label Cello was added using the Staff Label tab view.

Menu items

The pull down menu located at the top-right corner of this pane contains related to staff types and labels.

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