NoteAbility Pro Layers

A NoteAbilityPro score consists of two separate layers. There is an underlying layer which consists of the score structure of staves, measures, meters, key signatures, clefs, and measure numbers. Essentially, this is the structure that is setup when you first create a new document. The second layer consists of the all the music images (notes, rests, dynamic markings, slurs, etc.) that you place on top of the score structure.

It is important to understand which parts of your score belong to each of these layers since the manner in which you edit your music is different depending on whether you are making an adjustment to the score structure or the music images:

To alter the score structure or score layout, you need to make to either adjust the layout buttons on the score or use the editing procedures found in the the Score Structure panel. All the music images placed on the score will automatically adjust as the score structure is altered. For example, you might want to change the number of measures on a system - to do this, you can either click on the "+" or "-" the buttons located on the score to the right of each system, or you can use the Measure In System pane in the Score Structure panel.

To adjust music images which have been placed onto the score, you can select the images (using either the Selection or the Select Score tools) and use any of the menu items in the Edit or Modify menus, any of the menu items which appear in the pull-down menus at the top of the score window, or any of the buttons and controls in any of the panes in the Music Images Panel. For example, adding articulations to a group of notes or copying and pasting music material are all changes to the music image layer.

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