Music Images and Score Structure Panels

The two most important panels in NoteAbilityPro are the Music Images and Score Structure panels which normally remain visible on the screen while you are using the program.

The first of these panels contains controls for editing and modifying most music images, while the second contains controls for altering the score structure. Each panel has several rows of panes and any number of these panes can be made visible at any time (provided you have enough screen space to show them).

Both the Music Images and Score Structure panels have pull-down menus at the top labeled Available Panes which allow you to add or remove panes from the panel while you are working. All of the panes that are currently loaded are indicated with a check beside them in the menu.

Each of the panes loaded into the panel can be opened or closed and clicking on the small triangle at the left side of the pane (or you can simply click on the tab you want to use to open or close that view. Since each of the panes in this panel has 2 or 3 tabs views that you can choose between there are a total of 24 different views available in this panel - and up to 9 can be visible at any one time. When all possible panes of the Music Images panel are loaded, but none are open, the panel will look as follows:

Clicking on the Lines tab will make that view visible, providing access to all the controls for adjusting Lines:

Clicking on the Lines tab again or clicking on the small triangle on the left of the tab bar will close this pane. If you click on the Heads tab while the Lines pane is open, a second set of controls, for altering noteheads, becomes visible as well:

- To open a pane and close all other panes at the same time, click on a tab while holding down the Control key.

To save screen space, the entire series of panes can be completely collapsed and reopened by clicking on the large arrow located in the top-right corner of the panel.

Each pane includes a small pull-down menu located on the top-right corner of the pane. This menu contains menu items that are relevant to the controls in the pane. In most cases, these menus are duplicates of menus in the main menu bar and are included here for convenience.

Clicking on the Home button located at the top of these panels moves the window to a default location on your screen.

The five numbered buttons along the top of these panels allow you to store preset arrangements of the panes and save them as preferences. To store an arrangement of visible panes, hold the Shift key down while clicking on one of the numbered buttons. To recall a stored preset, click on the button and the stored configuration of panes will be loaded and displayed.

The Score Structure panel is controlled in exactly the same way. There are 28 panes available in this panel which can be used to adjust the score structure and to perform some of the advanced editing procedures such as transposition.

- When you first start using NoteAbilityPro, not all the available panes will be loaded into the Music Images and Score Structure panels -- these can be loaded as they are needed. When NoteAbility quits it will re-open next time with the panel configurations you last used.

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