Font Panel
  1. With the NoteAbility Measure Text or Page Text tool, select the text whose font, style or size you want to change
  2. Choose Font from the menu bar
  3. Choose Show Fonts... from the Font menu (or type Command - t)
  4. Select the new font, type or size in the Font panel.

The Font Panel displayed by this menu item is the standard OS-X font panel that can be used to change the font properties of selected text.

Clicking on a new font setting changes the selected text to the font specified in the panel, or (if no text is selected), sets the next text to be entered to this font. In NoteAbilityPro, the Font panel is also used to change the font used for lyrics, measure numbers or page numbers. In order to change these types of text, you must call the Font panel by using the Set Font or Select New Font buttons on the Lyric panel, the Measure Numbers pane or the Page Numbers pane respectively, or by clicking on the set buttons on NoteAbilityPro Preferences (as shown below). In each case, the font panel will be displayed and the new settings will be applied to the appropriate text type.

- The music font you are using with NoteAbilityPro may be used to create symbols that are not available in the program. Indications such as metronome markings can be created by combining a music font with a normal text font:

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