Modify/ Font/ Format Text Menu

The Modify/Font/Format Text menu lists commands for aligning text within text boxes in a document.

The text ruler is a separate ruler from the page rulers which show the dimensions of the page and allow vertical and horizontal markers to be set on each page of your score. When the Show Ruler item is selected from the Text menu, a text ruler is displayed and the tab, justification, and leading values for the active text box (i.e. the text box that the insertion cursor is currently in) are shown. When you place the cursor in another text box, the ruler loads the settings for the new text box. The example below shows the text ruler above an active text box.

The buttons and tab settings on the ruler can be used to change characteristics of the selected text. In the following example, the entire text was selected, the centre justification button selected, and the leading (i.e. distance between lines) was set to 30 points.

Colour can be added to selected text by selecting the text and dragging a colour from any colour on your computer. In the example below, red colour was dragged from the Color panel onto the selected text.

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