Lyrics Pane
  1. If the Music Images panel is not already visible on your screen, choose Music Images Panel... from the Tools menu to make it visible.
  2. If the Lyrics pane (which contains the tabs: Lyrics and Lyric Fonts) is not visible in the Music Images Panel, select Lyrics from the Available Panes pull-down menu at the top of the Music Images Panel.
  3. Choose between the two tabs in the Lyrics pane to view controls for Lyrics or Lyric Fonts.

Lyrics Tab

The Verse field can be set to a number from 1 to 8 either by typing in a new number or using the slider. All subsequent lyrics entered will be set to the new verse number. Each verse appears below the previous verse at a distance (in points) set by the leading field. The leading distance can be changed either by typing a new number in the leading field or by using the slider.) Leading values are in points (there are 72 points in an inch) and they can be either positive (below the previous verse) or negative (above the previous verse.) In the examples below, there are three verses displayed with leading values of 12 point and 16 point.

- New leading values change the distance between verses in the entire document.

The Link With Dash button is used to join two selected lyrics so that they will be joined with a dash (i.e. so they appear to be two syllables as in "num - ber" in the example above). The Remove Dash button removes all dashes that begin on the selected lyrics. In the example below the two lyric syllables where selected, and the Link with Dash button was clicked. If needed, shift-selection can be used to link a series of pairs of lyrics.

The Extend Underscore button extends an underscore from the first selected lyric image to the first selected note image. Underscore are used to indicate that syllables are held for more than one note (as in "third__" in the example above.) The Remove Underscore button removes all underscores that begin on the selected lyrics. In the example below, the lyric syllable and the last note in the passage were shift-selected, and the Extend Underscore button was clicked.

- The vertical position of lyrics below the staff is controlled by the Lyric Position button which is located at below the beginning of the staff. If the Lyric Position buttons are not visible, they can be displayed by selecting the Lyric Buttons check box in the Preferences panel. The Lyric Position button sets the base line of the first verse of the lyrics

- The Link With Dash button can also be used to link Figured Bass symbols to one another.

Lyric Fonts Tab

The Choose New Font button brings up Font panel and allows you to set a new lyric font. All subsequent lyrics will use the new font.

The Change Lyrics to New Font button allows you to alter the font of selected lyrics to the font to the current lyric font (i.e. the last font set after clicking the Choose New Font button or the lyric font specified in the Preference panel. In the example below, the last word in each verse was selected and the Change Lyrics to New Font button was used to set them all to the current lyric font.

Menu items

The pull down menu located at the top-right corner of this pane are duplicates of the buttons on the Lyric Fonts tab view.

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