Basic Steps for Creating a Score

NoteAbility is an extremely flexible application, so there are really no rules for how you must proceed when creating a score. However, your task will be simplified if you follow the suggestions below.

The Basic Steps for Creating a Score

  1. Create your score layout by using the File/New command. Setup the score to accommodate all the staves and instruments that will be used in the score. If desired, you can save the template for use in later scores.
  2. Enter the basic music images (notes and rests) on the score using any of the input methods available in NoteAbility. Change the number of systems on the page, the number of measures per system and the staff spacing as needed.
  3. Once the basic score has been entered and the layout is satisfactory, add additional images (eg. dynamic marks, crescendi/decrescendi, articulations, slurs, lyrics, text and graphics).
  4. Hide blank staves (if desired), make final adjustments to the score layout and delete any extra pages.
  5. If you are concerned about performance accuracy, you can alter the playback settings, and create tempo and playback maps.
  6. Print the finished document.
  7. Extract the instrumental parts (if needed) and edit them by adding cues, adjusting for page turns, etc.

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