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NoteAbilityPro allows any button to be designated as the "Hot Button" and provides a temporary keyboard shortcut for that button. The current Hot Button is indicated by a small red circle located at the top-left corner of a button -- instead of clicking on this button, you can type Command-spacebar. To make a different button the Hot Button, click on the small circle on the new button. The new circle will now be highlighted and the action of the new button will occur when you type Command-spacebar. (Since only one button can be the Hot Button at any one time, the highlight is removed from the previous Hot Button.) In the example below, the Hot Button is changed from the Slur Notes button to the Insert Rest button.

Hot Button is the Slur Notes button (the default).

Hot Button is changed to the Insert Rest button.

You should set a button to be the Hot Button whenever you are going to be performing an operation repeatedly - especially if it involves selecting material and then moving the mouse to click on the button, then moving the mouse back again to select more material, etc.

- When NoteAbilityPro starts up, the Slur Notes button is the default Hot Button.

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