Track Setup

Track Setup

The Track Setup panel is shown by selecting Track Setup from the Operations Menu.

The Track Setup menu brings up a full screen panel that allows you to set or alter the playback settings of each staff (or track) in your score. If you have created your score using the New Score menu, the default instruments should already be set. For each staff of the score your can change the following playback attributes:

Set the Audio Playback Device. Touch the Choose Device button to designate the staff to playback using:

  • Set the staff to play through a connected MIDI synthesizer.
  • Use the Apple DLS 1 Synthesizer (NAProGM) which includes standard orchestral instrument.
  • Use the Apple DLS 2 Synthesizer (General MIDI) which contains all General Midi instruments (including some sound effects)
  • Use the Apple DLS 3 Synthesizer (Percussion) which contains Drum Set and percussion sounds.
  • Designate the staff for playing audio samples that have been embedded into the score.
  • Designate the staff to play embedded network message to a receiving application such as MaxMSP or Pd.
  • Turn playback on the staff off.

Set the Playback Channel. Use the channel slider to set the playback channel (1-16) for the staff. Note that different instruments (on the same playback device) must be on different channels since only one instrument can play on a channel at any one time. If you have two or more staves set to the same channel, they will all play using the same instrument.

Set the Port. The port is included for completeness with the desktop version of NAPro - it should remain as port "a".

Set the Transposition. Use the slider to set the playback transposition (in semitones) for the notes on this staff. This is the interval between the instrument's notated pitch and its playback pitch. For example, a Bb Clarinet has a playback transposition of -2. If you have set up a transposed score, these values should already be set in this panel.

Set the Network Channel. Use the slider to set the channel that the staff will communicate to an external networked device. The actual IP address and port of the network connections are set in the Network Settings Panel. Keep this set to 0 if you are not using network connections.

Choose the Playback Instrument Touch the Choose Instrumentbutton to select the instrument from within the Sound Library that the staff will use for playback. The name and patch number of the instrument are displayed once they are chosen.

Set the Playback Volume. Use the slider to set the relative volume of playback for notes on the staff. Since dynamic markings in the score also affect the playback volume this setting will be altered by dynamic changes during playback.

Set the Pan Postion. You can set the Left - Right stereo pan position for playback of notes on the staff.

Touch the Done button to dismiss this panel and save the changes.

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