Network Settings

Network Settings

The Network Settings panel is shown by selecting Network Settings from the Operations Menu.

The Network Panel allows you to set the incoming and outgoing network channels for interactive computer music performance. Most of the settings in this panel are only needed for advanced users who are using NAPro for interactive computer music performances.

The Network Connections - Outgoing area of the panel is used to configure network connections to be used in the score during playback. Each row of this panel will assign a network connection (IP Address and port) to the Network Channel as configured in the Network Connections area of the Track Setup panel. So, for example, in the above configuration, any staves which are set to Network Channel 1 can send messages to IP address localhost on port 3000. You can have up to 16 network connections set up in this panel and they can be send to any active IP Address. You can choose to send your network message using one of three UDP protocols: netreceive, udpreceive (string) or OSC (typed).

The Send Beat Data to Max will send measures with information about the current measure and beat during playback.

The Network Connections - Incoming area of the Network Settings panel allows up to 6 TCP ports or UDP ports to be actively receiving data. These ports should correspond to the ports being used to send data on the server application (for example, MaxMSP or Pd). The Send Beat Data to Max check box cases measure and beat data to be send to MaxMSP or Pd during score playback. This data is sent out the first network address and port specified in the Network Connections area of the Track Setup panel.

The Send Sel. Notes button will send out selected notes immediately through the network.

The Send BPFs to Max button will send all the Break Point functions in the score to MaxMSP

The Toggle Play BPFs button will switch selected BPFs in the score from being used for score following to be used for playback.

The score following area of the panel is used for controlling the mode of score following, the number of milliseconds that NoteAbilityPro is running ahead of the connected software. and the minimum time that new synchronize messages will be processed. As well, you can format the outgoing data for either the netreceive object (MaxMSP or Pd) or the OSC (udpreceive) object in MaxMSP.

Touch the Done button to dismiss this panel and save the changes.

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