Playback Map

Playback Map

The Playback Map is shown by selecting Playback Map from the Operations Menu.

The Playback Map allows you to set the measure repetition in your score. These will occur during playback whether or not you have included repeat barlines in your score. Indicate the order of measure playback by entering the starting and ending measures of each repetition. In the example above measures 1 - 8 are repeated, followed by measure 9 to 16, followed by a return to the beginning. The last repetition proceeds to the end of the score. The words "first" and "last" can be used rather than the measure numbers if desired. Measure numbers in the score refer to the ordered measure numbers from the beginning of the score until the end - they are not necessarily the measure numbers that appear on these measures (since those can be altered). In order for the repetitions to occur, the Use Playback Map checkbox must be checked.

Touch the Done button to dismiss this panel and save the changes.

- Although you can alter barlines in the score so that they have repeat signs, you will also have to enter the repetitions in the Playback Map if you want repetitions to occur when the score is played back. This way you can indicate multiple repetitions and jumps in the score that are difficult to specify with symbols.

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