Playing Scores

Playing Scores

To play your score from the beginning, touch on the Play button on the Main Toolbar. To play your score starting at the measure that your Entry Cursor is in, touch on the Play From Entry Cursor on the Main Toolbar

While your score is playing you may pause and resume playback by touching the Pause button or stop playback by touching the Stop Button.

During playback, the tempos set in the Tempo Map will be used. However, the tempo can be adjusted manually using the tempo slider:

During playback the playback timing in minutes and seconds and the current measure and beat of the score are displayed along along with an LED showing the peak volume:

Playback Instruments

The instruments used for playing back on each staff are set in the Track Setup panel, where you can choose which instruments from which internal synthesizer are used for playback. You can also set the transposition for playback on that staff. Since only one instrument can be on a playback channel, make sure that different instruments are set to different playback channels.

Playback Tempo and Repeats

Playback tempo and tempo changes are set in the Tempo Map which allows you to specify where tempo changes occur in the score and whether they are immediate or changed gradually with a ritardando or accelerando. While you can still adjust the playback tempo manually, the tempo map changes (when they occur) will override manual changes.

Score repeats are set in the Playback Map where you can specify the sequence of measure groups that are played and the order they are played in. Repeat barlines in the score do not force repetitions in score playback, you have to set these repetitions in the Playback Map.

Program and Bank Changes

You can insert Program (patch) changes and bank changes in your score using the Note Playback Panel or by inserting patch changes using the Command Textfield (eg. p30 p46 b2 b5). While patch change and bank change markers will appear in the score as numbers in a circle or rectangle, they will not print when your score is printed.

Interactive Performance Controls

If you are using NAPro for interactive computer music performance and want quick and precise control over playback tempo, you can check the Use Tempo Transport checkbox in the Sound/MIDI page of the preference to bring up a different playback display. This display has a coloured tempo panel which allows you to quickly slow down or speed up the playback tempo.

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