Text Library Panel
  1. Choose Tools from the menu bar.
  2. Choose Text Library... from the Tools menu.

The Text Library panel holds a list of customized text strings in set fonts. You can enter new text in the fields, change the font of the text, and load and save libraries (with the Load New Library and Save This Library buttons.)

To transfer text from the library into the score, select the desired text by clicking on the radio button to the left of the text field and set whether you want the text to appear above or below the staff by clicking on the icon to the right of the text field. Click on the Enter This Text button to transfer the text. It will be placed at the Entry Cursor either above or below the staff.

The position of the text can be altered after entry by clicking on the four direction arrows at the bottom of the panel or by simply dragging the text to a new location.

In the example below, the text field containing the text ritardando... was selected by clicking on the the radio button to its left, and setting the position icon so that the test will appear below the staff that the Entry Cursor is on.

After the Enter This Text button was clicked, the text was transferred to the score.

The text position was then adjusted by clicking once on the up arrow and once on the left arrow

The NoteAbility Text include multiple fonts and sizes within each field. The fonts can changed by selecting the text and using the Font panel, and colour (from the color panel) can be dragged onto selected text. Text and/or graphics can also be pasted into the text fields, and graphics files (PDF, TIFF, etc.) can be dragged into the text field. Each text field can contain multiple lines of text (if desired), and text selected in each text field responds to the menu items in the NoteAbility Font and Text menus (for changes to kerning, baseline changes, etc.)

- NoteAbility text libraries are given the extension .nl .

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