Adding Audio Files

Beginning with NoteAblityPro version 2.0, it is possible to insert Audio files into your score. Virtually all 1 or 2 channel audio formats (including compressed format such as mp3) can be played by NoteAbilityPro. To add audio files to your score:

  1. set the staves to Audio Track using the Track Setup panel
  2. use the here Staff Attributes pane to change the staff type to the one that is designed for audio files - this is the last staff type available through the Staff Types slider.
  3. drag the audio files from the Finder to the score, and adjust their positions by dragging them.
The name of the soundfile appears in the rectangle along with its duration (in seconds) and a volume slider. The number above the audio file rectangle shows the current position in the measure. The volume slider located on the left side of each rectangle allows you to adjust the volume of individual audio files.

Use the Select tool to adjust the location of the soundfile in your score. Audio files can be dragged anywhere on your score. The beat location indicated above the rectangle shows the starting position of the audio file within the score, but it does not indicate where the audio file ends - the duration located in the top-right corner of the rectangle) tells you how long the audio file is in seconds.

Embedded udio files are referenced from your hard drive, so if you alter the soundfile, it will be altered when you play it back in NoteAbilityPro. If you change the location of your original soundfiles, NoteAbilityPro will present you with a dialog box when the file is being opened so that you can locate the missing audio files.

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