Network Port Panel
  1. Choose Tools in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Network Port Panel.. from the Tools menu.

The Network Port panel displays all settings related to score-following and the receiving of remote messages from interactive performance software such as MaxMSP and Pd.

The Incoming Data area of the Network Port panel allows up to 8 ports to be actively receiving data. These ports should correspond to the ports being used to send data on the server application (MaxMSP or Pd). The incoming data protocol can be set to either TCP or UPD (depending on whether you are using a netsend or udpsend object.) The Send Beat Data to Max check box cases measure and beat data to be send to MaxMSP or Pd during score playback. This data is sent out the first network address and port specified in the Network Drawer available by clicking on the small network button in the top-right corner of the score window.

The score following area of the panel is used for controlling the mode of score following, the number of milliseconds that NoteAbilityPro is running ahead of the connected software. and the minimum time that new synchronize messages will be processed. As well, you can format the outgoing data for either the netreceive object (MaxMSP or Pd) or the OSC (udpreceive) object in MaxMSP.

The Send Selected Notes button is used to send a network message to MaxMSP with the IDs of selected notes.

The Send BPFs To Max button is used to send Break-point functions used for score-following to MaxMSP.

The Toggle Play BFPs button is used to switch selected break-point functions from being score-following functions to performance functions and vice versa.

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