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Support for IRCAM's antescofo score-following software has been added to NoteAbilityPro. Antescofo is an anticipatory score-following system developed by Arshia Cont which can be interfaced to NoteAbilityPro. Score position messages are received from antescofo as part of the Integrated Interactive Music Performance Environment (IIMPE) and can be used to synchronize a live performance with a NoteAbilityPro score during playback. In order to use antescofo and NoteAbilityPro the following steps should be followed:

  1. The NoteAbilityPro score containing an instrumental part (usually in the first staff) should be saved as an antescofo score. This is done by selecting the Save To... menu item from the File menu and selecting Antescofo as the file type. This file contains an ASCII representation of all the music events in the top staff along with basic tempo information.
  2. The saved antescofo file must be opened by the antescofo object in a MaxMSP patch (available from the author)
  3. The Network Port panel must be set to receive TCP Network messages on the port specified in the MaxMSP patch (usually port 3002).
  4. The appropriate settings for receiving score-following messsages (latency and score-following method) should be selected in the Network Port panel.
  5. Click the play button on the score window and wait for messages from antescofo (through MaxMSP).

The Antescofo Panel

The Antescofo Editor is a panel that allows you to customize the antescofo data associated with individual notes and rests in the score. To make the panel visible, select the Antescofo Editor... item in the Tools/Score Following menu.

To load the next selected note or rest into the editor, click on the Load Next Image button. The text which appears in the editor is the antescofo data for that image. This normally consists of a midicents value (Midi Pitch X 100), a duration and a label associated with the event. You may modify these values, or add additional antescofo information. The Save Data button will save the updated data with the note or rest. The Clear Data button clears the text field so you can enter a new antescofo message. Altering the antescofo data should only be done with a clear understanding of the data format required of the antescofo editor.

The File Settings area of the Antescofo Panel is for controlling which staves are included in a generated antescofo file and the specific format of the antescofo file generated. There are 4 radio buttons which affect comments and labels in the file - you can choose to generate raw data only (no comments or labels), to have comments added for each measure of the score, to have comments added for each measure and a label added to the first note of each measures, or to have comments added for each measure and labels added to each note in the score. You also have the choice of including tempo changes, including playback Breakpoint functions (and setting the resolution of the BPF) or using rationals instead of floating point numbers. Finally, the Extract From area of the panel allows you to indicate which staves of the score you want included in the antescofo file.

The antescofo panel also contains a button to lock GFWD objects to the closest .25 beat when they are adjusted in the score. While this does not specifically relate to antescofo files, it seemed like a good place to put this control.

For more information on the antescofo data format, contact the author.

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