Multi- Page Display

NoteAbilityPro supports two modes of viewing scores:

Single-Page display

Multi-Page display

You can switch between display modes by clicking on the Page Display Mode button at the bottom of the score window or by selecting the Single-Page Display / Multi-Page Display item from the Format menu.

Single-Page display allows only one page of your score to be visible. Multi-Page display shows the entire score as a series of pages side-by-side. When using Single-Page display, you must click on the page arrows (at the top of the score) in order to view a different page (or to create a new page). When using Multi-Page display you can use the horizontal scrollbar located at the bottom of the score window to move through your score.

Multi-Page or Single-Page display can be set as a preference in the Other tab of the NoteAbilityPro Preferences panel. Select one of the two modes (shown below) and click on the Save button in the Preferences panel.

When using Multi-Page display, the horizontal scroll bar can be used to move through all pages in the score. As well, you can drag the Entry Cursor from page to page or you can use the Overview Panel to move from page to page. When using the Selection arrow, a rectangular selection is restricted to the dimensions of the page on which you begin your selection. However, it is possible to shift-select images on different pages. Whenever you click the cursor on a new page in your score, that page becomes the active page, and the Entry Cursor should appear on that page and the current action should take place. To avoid images being added unintentionally, it is recommended that when moving to a new page, you hold down the Command key and place the Entry Cursor on the new page (by clicking the mouse button on that page) before performing the action.

- NoteAbilityPro users who are running on slower computers (eg. using G3 or slow G4 processors) or who are working on very large documents may want to use Single-Page display mode. Since all the score pages are loaded into memory when using Multi-Page Display mode there are far more demands on your system. If you find that the NoteAbilityPro becomes slow to respond to your commands when using Multi-Page Display mode, you should switch to Single-Page Display mode.

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