Overview Panel
  1. Choose Tools in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Overview... from the Tools menu.

The overview panel displays a miniature version of the page you are working on. The overview shows the positions of the staves and braces, and the area of the score that is visible in the main window is highlighted. Rather than using the scroll bars to move around the page, you can drag the highlighted area to another location on the score page. As you drag the highlighed area, the visible area of the score will scroll to the location indicated on the overview. This feature is particularly useful for orchestral scores where only a small portion of the score may be visible.

If you are currently working in Multi-Page mode, then the display will show three pages (as seen above) and you can use this panel in order to scroll from page to page in your document.

- Adjusting the view does not change the position of the Entry Cursor. Before entering new notes or rests, you should hold down the Command key and click the mouse to place the Entry Cursor in the visible region of the score.

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