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The Make Text Global menu sets the selected text box to be global so that it will be extracted with all instrumental parts. If text is already global, then this menu removes its global status. Global text is drawn with a bright green frame around it so that it can be distinguished from other text. The frame does not print when the document is printed

The Add/Remove Frame menu item adds or removes a frame around the selected text. The thickness of the frame can be set with the Set Size button on the Control panel which alters the point size of the text object but doesn't alter the point size of the actual text.

The Make Header and Remove Header menu items convert selected text between regular text and header text. Header text appears on each page of the score at the same physical location. It is useful for titles, copyright notices, instrument indications and any other marking that you want to appear on each page. To create header text:

  1. enter the text (either Page text or Measure text) at the location you want the text to appear.
  2. Select the text with the Selection tool
  3. Choose the Make Header menu item

To revert header text to regular text, select the text and choose the Remove Header menu item.

On screen, header text has a blue rectangle around it so it can be distinguished from regular text - the rectangle does not appear when the document is printed. In the example below, the text "Flute 1" will appear on each page of the document.

- When Header text is moved, it will be moved on all pages in the document.

The Annotations On/Off menu item converts selected Text boxes to Annotations. Annotations appear on the screen (in gray) but are not printed when the document is printed. Annotations are useful to composers who wish to make text comments on the score but do not want those comments printed in the final score. In the example below, the Regular text box is converted to an annotation using this menu item.

The color of Annotation text can be changed by selecting a color from the Color panel and dragging it onto the selected text in the Annotation text box.

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