Colors Panel
  1. Choose Format in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Show Colors... from the Format menu.

The Colors panel is the standard OS-X panel used for setting colors and grayscale. In NoteAbilityPro, the Color panel can be used to set the image color well in the Image Attributes pane of the or any of the three color wells in the Graphics pane located in the Music Images panel. These color wells which control the Image Color, Fill Color, Line Color and the Text Color. To change any one of these colors, select a color in the Color panel and drag the color (either from the color well at the top of the panel or from the small color squares at the bottom of panel) and drop the color into one of the NoteAbility color wells. In addition, colors from any color well or from the color panel can be dragged and dropped onto selected text to change the color of the text. Finally, you can drag colors onto selected images in the score in order to set the image color of the selected images.

In the example below a group of notes was selected, and a red colour was dragged from the Colors panel into the selected rectangle in the score:

- As a short cut, you can click on the edge of a color well to bring up the Colors panel with the color well's color selected. Changes to the Colors panel automatically update the color in the original color well.

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