Modify/ Page Menu

The Modify/Page menu lists commands relating to the appearance of score pages.

The Hide/Show System Dividers menu is used to add or remove system dividers on the current page. (System dividers are two angled lines that visually separate one system from another.) If system dividers are visible on the page they will be hidden, otherwise they will be shown between all systems on the page.

- System dividers can be set in the Custom Setup panel to appear on each page of your score .

The Hide/Show Page Numbers menu is used to hide or show the page number on the current page. This operation can also be performed from the Page Numbers pane in the NoteAbility Inspector.

The Add Cautionary Time Sigs menu add graphical cautionary time signatures to be added to the current page. Cautionary time signatures appear at the end of the system when there is a change of meter between the last measure of the system and the first measure of the next system. When cautionary time signatures are added, the final barline of the system is shifted to the left, and a graphical time signature is added. Since cautionary time signatures are normally added by default this menu item is only necessary if you have cautionary time signatures disabled and you want them to be added graphically to the current page. While automatic cautionary time signatures cannot be adjusted, graphical time signatures added using this method can be moved.

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