Custom Document Setup

The Custom System panel is displayed when you press the Custom System button in the Document Setup panel. This panel lets you set up your score with detailed information about clefs, braces, barlines and staff labels. This panel is particularly useful for creating orchestral and chamber ensemble scores of up to 40 staves per system.

  1. Choose New from the File menu. The Document Setup panel will appear.
  2. Select the Custom System button on the Document Setup panel.
  3. Choose the settings you want for your new document.
  4. Press Done on the Custom System panel.
  5. Choose the remaining settings and options from the Document Setup panel (eg. Page Size, Staves per System, etc.)
  6. Press the Create Document button on the Document Setup panel to create the new document, or press the Cancel button to cancel the new document. To discard your changes and return to the default settings, press the Revert button.

The Custom System panel lets you specify the following information:

When you have set up all the characteristics of your score, click the Done button and you will return to the Document Setup panel. The Barline and Brace settings in the Document Setup panel should now be set to Custom Brace and Custom Barline to indicate that you want the the document setup specifications taken from the Custom System panel.

The settings listed above should give you the system layout shown below.

- Make sure you have set the correct number of systems and staves in the Document Setup panel since this panel determines how many staves and systems will be placed on the page. Even though you provided information for 9 staves in the Custom System panel, if the Document Setup panel is set for only 2 staves per system, only the first two staves will be drawn in each system.

- if a multi-line staff label is required you can use the backslash character - \ - to indicate line breaks. For example, a label entered as: Horn\in F will appear in the score as:

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