Document Setup Panel
  1. Choose New... from the File menu. The Document Setup panel will appear.
  2. Choose all the options and settings you want for your new document.
  3. Press the Create Document button to create the document, or press Cancel to cancel the new document. To discard your changes and return to the default piano score settings, press the Revert button.

You use the Document Setup panel to choose options for the layout and format of your score. If NoteAbility documents are already open, the front-most document's specifications and layout become the initial settings of this panel. If no NoteAbility document is open, then a simple piano score is used for the default settings.

Document Setup Options

- NoteAbility templates have the extension .nt. Sample templates are stored in the /Library/Application Support/NoteAbilityPro/NoteAbilityTemplates folder.

- The measurement units (inches, centimeters, points or picas) used in this panel and other NoteAbility panels are set in the NoteAbility Preferences panel.

- Remember to type Return after entering a number in any of the Text fields or it will not be registered.

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