Installing NoteAbility Pro

STEP 1: Installing NoteAbilityPro

Locate the NoteAbilityPro.pkg file on the NoteAbilityPro CD-ROM or on your hard drive. If you have downloaded NoteAbilityPro, it should be automatically uncompressed by Stuff-It and the installation package should be on your desktop.

When you double-click NoteAbilityPro.pkg, the Macintosh OS-X Installer application will be launched and you will be ready to install NoteAbilityPro and all its associated files. Since NoteAbilityPro installs some files in OS-X Application and System folders, you must be logged into your computer as a user with administrator privileges in order to install the program. If you are unsure whether you have administrator privileges, you should logout and login using the user name that you created when you first installed OS-X on your computer - this account has administrative privileges.

Follow the installation instructions and quit the Installer once you have been notified that the installation has been completed. NoteAbilityPro is installed in the OS-X Applications folder.

The installation of NoteAbilityPro places the following files in the following locations:

File Description Folder Location the NoteAbility application /Applications the NoteAbility help files /Library/Documentation/Help
Scriabin.ttf the NoteAbility music font /Library/Fonts
Tablature.ttf a lute tablature font /Library/Fonts
NoteAbilityLib NoteAbility PDF imports and image libraries /Library/Application Support/NoteAbilityPro
NoteAbilityExamples NoteAbility example files /Library/Application Support/NoteAbilityPro
NoteAbilityTemplates NoteAbility score templates /Library/Application Support/NoteAbilityPro

If you plan to use NoteAbilityPro often you may wish to add it to your your Application Dock or your Finder shelf so it is more readily accessible. You are also welcome to create an alias of the NoteAbilityPro application. It is recommended that you do not move NoteAbilityPro out of the Applications folder. However, if you do move it to a different location, be aware that you will have to manually delete the program when you upgrade to a new version of NoteAbilityPro since the new version will be installed in the Applications folder and will not remove the old copy.

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