Observing the Application Layout

STEP 4: Observing the Application Layout

When NoteAbility starts up the info panel appears while the program is loading. Once it has loaded, two panels appear on the screen: the Music Images panel and the Score Structure panel. Both of these panels are extensible and customizable. The NoteAbilityPro menu is located across the top of the screen.

Both of these panels (and all panels in NoteAbility) can be moved to other locations on the screen and will appear at their new locations the next time NoteAbility is run.

The Music Images panel contains a collection of panes with controls for changing the image size or colour, for setting rhythmic values, for adding articulation marking or other symbols, for controlling score playback, and for altering or adding numerous other images.

The Score Structure panel also contains a collection of panes. However, these controls relate more to the score structure and document layout. Operations such as changing the number of systems on a page, changing staff attributes, inserting clefs or key signatures, or changing times signatures are located in this panel.

Other important controls such as the NoteAblity tools (which allow different activites such as entering images, selecting images, entering text or lyrics, and moving the cursor), and the controls for moving around the document or changing the view size are located along the top and bottom of each score window. These controls are only available once a score document has been created.

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