Authorizing NoteAbility Pro

STEP 3: Authorizing NoteAbilityPro

To run NoteAbility, locate the icon in the Applications folder, and double-click on the icon. If you have moved the icon to the shelf of the Finder Viewer, you may click on that icon as a short-cut.

The first time you launch NoteAbility, you will need to authorize the program by entering your license code. The license code is located on your CD-ROM case or is sent to you by email if you have downloaded NoteAbility electronically. The license code is your personal authorization code and should not be shared with other people. In order to authorize NoteAbilityPro, you must be logged into and account (i.e. as a user) that has administrative privileges.

NoteAbilityPro is installed in the /Applications directory. This location makes NoteAbility available to all users on your computer. Please note that although NoteAbilityPro is available to all users, each user has his/her own set of preferences which are loaded whenever they are using the program. If you do not want NoteAblityPro to be accessible to all users, you can set access limitations to user accounts in the Accounts section of the System Preferences panel.

Locate the NoteAbilityPro application (in the /Applications folder and double-click the icon, the Registration panel will appear so that you enter your license code.

Enter your license code as well as your name or company name in the appropriate fields in the Registration panel and click on the Register Application button. You will be informed if the license code is not valid. The Registration panel will appear each time you run NoteAbility until the application is successfully authorized. If NoteAbility is not succesfully authorized or you have clicked on the Run Demo Version button, then you are considered to be running the program in Demo mode . In Demo mode, saving and exporting files is not permitted and printing is restricted to the first page of the document.

Keep your license code in a safe place -- it will be necessary in order to authorize future upgrades to NoteAbility. If you loose your license code, please contact Opus 1 Music and we will send it to you again.

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