Image Library Panel
  1. Choose Tools from the menu bar.
  2. Choose Image Library... from the Tools menu.
  3. The Image Library Panel will appear on the screen.

The Image Library is a panel containing images (in PDF, EPS, or TIFF format ) that can be inserted directly into the score at the position of the Entry Cursor. Functionally, the Image Library works in a similar way to the Text Library. Image Libraries made be loaded from and saved to disk by clicking on the Save or Load buttons located at the bottom of the panel. To create a new image library, you can simply drag image files (PDF, EPS, or TIFF) into the image boxes on the Image Library panel. (The image boxes are scrollable so you can drag a large image within the box in order to see the entire image.) It is not possible to paste images into the Image Library, complete PDF or TIFF images which exist as saved files must be dragged from a Finder or desktop window into the Image Library box. To increase the number of images in the library, click on the Add Views button (this adds 2 blank boxes to the bottom of the view area.)

A number of image libraries are included in the NoteAbilityLib folder (in a sub-folder entitled IMAGE_LIBRARIES.)

- When images are dragged onto an image library box, the cursor will become a "+" when the box is ready to accept the image. If an image already exists in the library box, drag the cursor so that it directly over the existing image.

To enter images from the Image Library into the score, select the image by checking in the image box. (A red frame around the image box indicates that the image is the selected image.)

When you click on the Insert Image, button, the selected image will appear in the front-most score at the horizontal position of the Entry Cursor. You can indicate whether you want the image to appear above the staff, centred on the staff, or below the staff by selecting one of the three radio buttons near the bottom of the panel. After the image has been added to the score, you can adjust the location of the image by clicking on the 4 arrow buttons located at the bottom right corner of the panel. Alternatively, you can drag the image as you normally would (by selecting the bottom-left corner of the image).

- NoteAbility image libraries are given the extension .ni

- The default location for NoteAbilityPro image libraries is:
/Library/Application Support/NoteAbilityPro/NoteAbilityLib/IMAGE_LIBRARIES

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