Extended Note Panel
  1. Choose Tools in the menu bar.
  2. Choose IIMPE in the Tools menu.
  3. Choose Extended Note Panel... from the IIMPE menu.

The Extended Note Panel provides a tool for embedding additional data in a note. This additional data is intended to be used in the Integrated Interactive Music Performance Environment (IIMPE) which has been developed by the author. Basically, the panel allows you to convert Regular notes into Extended notes (and vice versa) and to add a series of parameters (pitch fractions, panning locations, c to m ratios, etc.) to the extended notes. In a score, the extended notes are shaded in different colours (depending on the channel they are on), and will pass their data on to Max/MSP during playback. In the score example below, the black notes are regular notes, while the coloured notes are extended notes - they will only playback if the Track (staff) is set to Network or MIDI. Each of these notes can have a different panning location, pitch, pitch fraction (for microtones) etc. Obviously, a Max/MSP patch has to be built that will receive and correctly interpret the incoming data.

For more information on Extended notes, please contact the author of NoteAbilityPro.

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