~representative works

with scores, audio and/or video clips

Breathe On Me (2004)
for accordion and interactive
audio and video processing

...flow mingled down (2002)
for grand/mistuned upright piano
and percussion
Three Songs of Life (2000)
for women's choir,
handbells, and gestures
Postcards From Our Futures (1989)
for piano, sound files, and 
optional video & video processing
Escape, My Soul (1996)
for bass flute and 
Max/MSP or CD playback
from the Elvis Cantata: 
Love Me Rite
for soprano, big band, and strings
Time Clips, Primitive (1993)
for solo piano
Beneath the Skin (2006)
for cello and Max/MSP/Jitter
Strength (2006)
for alto sax and Max/MSP/Jitter
Twisted Mirror, Shattered Dream (1993)
Crisis (2007)
short film
What Does A Body Know? (2009)
for Digital Ventriloquized Actor (DIVA)