Escape, My Soul (1996) 13'12"

for bass flute 
and Max/MSP or CD playback
Available on CD: Big Flutes -- chenoa anderson, alto and bass flute

1. Viscera 3'48" 2. Throat 4'07" 3. Catch, Breath 5'17"
Throat excerpt

Escape is about transfiguration of the music, the performer, and the listener. The first movement is an exploration of timbre and register, with the flute attempting to break free of the register and electronics, before settling in a lower range. In Throat, the sustained flute passages are contrasted with vocal sighs and "chiffs". The last movement is the most active, with the flute being pushed to its limits. Unlike the first movement, by the end of the movement an escape does occur.

Escape, My Soul was commissioned and premiered by Kathryn Cernauskas with the assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts.