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UBC Max/MSP/Jitter Toolbox is a collection of free Max/MSP/Jitter bPatchers written by Keith Hamel, Bob Pritchard, and Jacky Sawatzky. The bPatchers are designed to be useable by beginning programmers, but are also sophisticated enough to be used for professional concert work. Principal researchers are Keith Hamel and Bob Pritchard.

jitter.PAL is a series of jitter video processing modules developed by graduate student David Storen.

GRASSP -- Gesturally Realized Audio, Speech and Song Performance -- is a speech synthesis system based on the work of Fels and Hinton's GloveTalk II, but refactored into Max/MSP. Principal researchers are Bob Pritchard and Sid Fels.

NoteAbilityPro is a comprehensive music notation program running on PPC and Intel Macintosh computers. The Principal researcher and developer is Keith Hamel.

IIMPE -- Integrated Interactive Music Performance Environment -- consists of extensions to NoteAbilityPro designed to support interactive music performance. Extensions include remote messaging to MaxMSP and Pd, score following, and extended note specificiations. Principal researcher is Keith Hamel.

IMuSE -- Integrated Multimodal Score-following Environment -- is a system built on both IIMPE and NoteAbilityPro which supports multiple simultaneous mechanisms for score-following and performance alignment. Pitch-tracking (both monophonic and polyphonic) and various modes of gesture following (accelerometers, movement sensors, video tracking etc.) can be used during a live multimedia presentation to synchronize the performers with the score. Principal researchers are Keith Hamel and Bob Pritchard.

Visual Voice: Divas is a project that uses hand gestures to synthesize audiovisual speech and song by converting hand gestures to articulator parameters of a three-dimensional vocal tract model. The Principal researchers are Bob Pritchard, Sid Fels John Lloyd and Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson.

GUIDO is an music representation format designed to support complete representation of score-level music information. The Advanced GUIDO specification is currently being finalized and tested. The Principal participants in this project are Holger Hoos, Keith Hamel, Kai Renz and Jürgen Kilian.


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