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jitter.PAL Video Processing Library

jitter.PAL Library:

  • Download the jitter.PAL library (version 0.95) for Max 6 or 7 here


The jitter.PAL library is a collection of Jitter modules that can be used for live video processing. The library includes modules to play videos, grab camera images, perform video effects and mix multiple streams of video. The modules are instantiated as bpatchers and can easily be interconnected to one another. All modules can be controlled using the onscreen interface objects or through remote messaging. As well, arguments to the bpatchers allow multiple copies of the modules to be used within the same patch and controlled independently of one another. The jitter.PAL modules were designed and developed by David Storen.


Once downloaded, the jitter.PAL library can be placed in your Documents/Max7/Library/ folder. If you are running Max 6 or Max 6.1, place the folder inside your /Applications/Max 6 folder or wherever you normally place your third party patches.

List of Modules:

GrabberBPreceives video from a web cam or video camera
MediaImportBP imports folder of videos or single video files and stores them for quick access
VideoControlBP plays video files and sets loops, allows scrubbing etc.
BlurBP creates a video delay of the incoming video signal
ColourAdjusterBP allows changes to hue, brightness, contrast and saturation of incoming video
DistortionBP uses audio signal to distort the incoming video signal
GlitchBP imposes random rectangles onto the video image
ZoomBP allows videos to be repositioned and zoomed
BufferControlBP controls the video recording system (up to 10 buffers can be controlled)
BufferRecordBP records up to 30 seconds into a connected buffer
BufferXBP the buffer storage module
BufferPack1BP a module combining BufferControl BufferRecord and BufferX module
VMixerBP a module for mixing up to 4 videos and altering the size and position of the individual videos
ProjectorBP a module for displaying the video on-screen or on a projector

Requirements and Restrictions:

This version of the jitter.PAL Library require Max/MSP 6.0 or higher. Copyright and ownership information is included in the Info panel associated with each module. These modules may be freely used and distributed provided that:

  1. they are not sold or included as part of a software product for sale,
  2. that the code is not modified

Anyone wishing to use NoteAbilityPro in conjunction with the jitter.PAL should read through the Max/MSP - NoteAbilityPro Tutorial created by David Litke. This tutorial covers all the ways that Max/MSP and NoteAbilityPro can be used together in conjunction with the UBC Toolbox or the jitter.PAL library.

jitter.PAL Library

Download Version 0.95

Max/MSP-NoteAbilityPro Tutorial

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