Staff Spacing Panel
  1. Choose Tools in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Staff Spacing... from the Tools menu.

The Staff Spacing... menu item brings up a panel which allows the spacing between staves in orchestral or large chamber scores to be set more efficiently. The user can type in the distance (in ledgers) between each staff or use the Load Spacing button to load the current spacing values for the system. The new values are set (either only to the current system or to all subsequent systems) by clicking on the Set Spacing button.

- In order to properly align images to the grid, only integer and half values are permitted in the staff spacing text fields. Values such as 7.5 and 8 are acceptable, 7.75 and 8.2 are not.

- Remember that the spacing values are the distances between staves, so if you have ten staves, you will only have 9 spacing values to set.

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