Save a New Document
  1. Choose the Save... menu from the File menu.
  2. In the Save panel, name the file and select the folder you want to put it in.
  3. Click Save.

If you click on the Cancel button the Save Panel closes and the document remains unsaved. To place the document in a new folder, click on the New Folder button and give the folder a name. When you click Save, the panel closes and the file is saved at the location you have indicated. The name you have given the document will appear in the score window's title bar.

The extension .na is automatically added to NoteAbility files - it is not necessary for you to add this extension to the file name.

- Once a document has been saved on disk, the Save command will overwrite the existing file with the new changes.

- You can also replace a file on disk with the one you're saving. In the panel above, select the file you want to replace and click OK. In the panel that asks if you want to replace the file, click Replace.

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