Save To
  1. Choose the Save To... menu from the File menu.
  2. In the NoteAbility Save panel, select the file type you want to save the file in
  3. Name the file and select the folder you want to put it in.
  4. Click Save.

The available file formats are:

File Type Extension Description This is the normal NoteAbility file format and is only included in this panel for completeness.
Standard MIDI .mid For transferring scores to other music applications on any hardware platform
Mac NoteWriter.nwr For transferring scores to the Macintosh program - NoteWriter.
Max qlist.pat For transferring scores into Max qlists objects. MaxMSP is real-time interactive performance software which runs on a variety of platforms.
Max detonate.pat For creating Max detonate objects (which are used for score following in MaxMSP).
GUIDO.gmn For creating Guido Music Notation file for export to other music notation programs and computer music systems.
Csound sco.sco For creating Csound score files (for use with the Csound software synthesis environment.)
PDF.pdf For creating a single page PDF file. This option can also be achieved by using the Save File option in the Print panel.
TIFF.gif For creating a single page TIFF file. This action can also be done by using the Grab application.
EPS.eps For creating a single page EPS file. This option can also be achieved by using the Save File option in the Print panel.
Antescofo.txt For creating an antescofo formatted score which can be used in conjunction with the MaxMSP Antescofo object for score following.
Open For creating an open music formatted score which can be imported into IRCAM's Open Music application.

- only notes, patch changes, time signatures, key signatures, and tempo information are included in Standard MIDI files.

- If you want to save an entire NoteAbility document as an PDF file, use the Print... menu item, and set the Output Options (under the Copies and Pages pull down menu) to save the document as a PDF file. Once this is done, click on the Save... button in the standard Print panel. Also, individual pages can be copied in TIFF or PDF format and pasted directly into graphics applications by setting the Copy Types panel and using the Copy All command.

- Always remember to save your document in NoteAbility format (with the Save... or Save As... menu items) as well as saving it in an alternate file format. If you want to be able to open and edit the document at a later time using NoteAbility, you must save the file in NoteAbility format.

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