Quickscrawl Routines

QuickScrawl is an input method that allows gestures to be drawn on the score with the mouse and interpretted as music images. This input method can be used at any time by simply holding down the Command and Alternate keys together (which changes the cursor to a pencil), placing the mouse at the desired location and holding down the the mouse button as you draw the gesture for the desired image. Although the starting position of the drawing will determine the placement of the image, the gesture can be drawn as small or are as large as you want.

QuickScrawl is essentially a short hand and works by reducing the drawing to a series of direction vectors (which can be thought of as compass directions.)

If your drawing matches one of the templates for NoteAbilityPro images, the image is placed where you started drawing (or in the case of notes, at the beat position of the Entry Cursor and at the pitch where you starting the drawing). When notes are entered, the stem direction is determined by the pitch of the note and the current voice, and beams will automatically be formed if Auto Beam is on.

There is some flexibility in the matching of your drawing to the template, so that even though an eighth rest has the template E followed by SW, all three of these drawings will result in an eighth rest appearing at the Entry Cursor.

The templates for NoteAbilityPro images are:

Drawing this QuickScrawl gesture -- results in an eighth note

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