Playback Controls Pane
  1. If the Music Images panel is not already visible on your screen, choose Music Images Panel... from the Tools menu to make it visible.
  2. If the Playback Controls pane (which contains the tabs: Playback, Tracks, Options) is not visible in the Music Images Panel, select Playback Controls from the Available Panes pull-down menu at the top of the Music Images Panel.
  3. Choose between the three tabs in the Playback Control pane to view controls for Playback, Tracks or Options.

Playback Tab

The Playback tab contains controls for setting the playback tempo and for starting, stop, or pausing score playback.

The first play button starts playing the score from the beginning. The second play button starts playing the score beginning in the measure that the Entry Cursor is currently on. The third button pauses the score during playback.

The tempo slider can be adjusted before or during playback, and is updated automatically if you have set a tempo map for the score using the Tempo Map panel.

Tracks Tab

The Tracks tab allows you to turn on or off specific track (staves) for playback for situations where you want to listen to only some of the staves. Click on the buttons to enable or disable individual staff numbers. The On button turns all tracks on, while the Off button turns all tracks off. In the example above only staves 2 and 3 are enabled for playback.

Options Tab

The Options tab includes some checkboxes that allow you:

As well, there is a setting to indicate what measure the score should start playing at.

Menus Items

The pull-down menu located at the top-right corner of the Playback Control pane contains the following items:

- As well as the playback controls on this pane, you can use the Play and Play From Cursor buttons on the Score Controls (at the top of the score window).

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