Panel & Edit Buttons Pane
  1. If the Score Structure panel is not already visible on your screen, choose Score Structure Panel... from the Tools menu to make it visible.
  2. If the Panel & Edit Buttons pane (which contains the tabs: Panel Buttons and Edit Buttons.) is not visible in the Score Structure Panel, select Panel & Edit Buttons from the Available Panes pull-down menu at the top of the Score Structure Panel.
  3. Choose between the two tabs in the Panel & Edit Buttons pane to view controls for Panel Buttons or Edit Buttons.

Panel Buttons Tab

The Panel Buttons tab view contains buttons which correspond to many of NoteAbilityPro panels. In most cases, clicking on the button makes the panel visible, and clicking the button a second time hides the panel. This is not the case for the Page Setup, buttons since these panels are automatically closed after they are used.

The following panels have buttons in the Panel Button tab view:

Keyboard panel Page Setup panel Image Library panel
Tracks panel Preferences panel Command List panel
Midi Ports panel Copy Types panel Tempo Map panel
Text Library panel Playback Map panel Guido Import/Export panel
Help panel Audio Units panel Panic panel
Overview panel Midi Recorder panel Extract Parts panel
Document Size panel Staff Spacing panel Extended Notes panel

Whenever one of these panels is open, the button is highlighted to indicate that it is already visible.

Edit Buttons Tab

The Edit Buttons tab view contains shortcuts for some of the most common editing operations. The following actions can be performed using these buttons:

Add Parentheses to accidentals Form Tuplet from notes Add or Remove Ledgers from notes
Add or Remove Stems from notes Add Grace Slash to notes Flip Tie direction
Tie notes Un-tie notes Beam notes
Un-beam notes Straighten beam angle Hide or Show Ruler
Align Vertical Align Horizontal

As with all editing operations, you must select the note or notes to be altered before clicking on the button.

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