Open Music Support

Support for IRCAM's OpenMusic interchange format has been added to NoteAbilityPro. It is possible to export music data from OpenMusic and paste it directly into NoteAbilityPro. The new data is pasted into the NoteAbilityPro score beginning at the position of the Entry Cursor.

The OpenMusic data format is a text-based format consisting of tags (much like html) around music information such as notes, rests, durations, and tuplets. For example, the following OpenMusic Data:

would appear, when pasted into a NoteAbilityPro score as:

It is also possible to generate OpenMusic files from NoteAbilityPro by using the Save To... item in the File menu and selecting OpenMusic as the file type. For the procedures required for importing these files into OpenMusic, refer to the OpenMusic help pages.

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