MIDI Ports Panel
  1. Choose Audio-MIDI in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Midi Ports... from the Audio-MIDI menu.

The MIDI Ports panel allows you to configure your MIDI input device and to configure your MIDI output ports to different banks. In the example above a MIDIMan 2 X 2 interface is connected to the computer and the Max/MSP application (which can send and receive MIDI) is running. MIDI input is set to Port A of the Midiman 2 X 2, and each of the 4 output devices is set to a different bank (a through d). MIDI input will be received by whatever keyboard device is connected to Port A of the interface. The Track Setup panel can be configured to send music to each of the 4 output ports.

NoteAbilityPro supports up to 16 input and output MIDI devices. Some devices (such as USB piano keyboards) my have only inputs, and some applications have outputs but no MIDI inputs.

Once you have configured your input and output ports, click on the Set Midi Ports button. The Reload Ports button can be used to refresh the lists of available ports. The Cancel button closes the panel without making any changes to the MIDI Port configuration.

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