Meter Map Panel
  1. Choose Tools in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Meter Map... from the Tools menu.

The Meter Map is used to specify a sequence of meter changes quickly and easily. It can be used anytime, but usually it is used immediately after a document has been created if you already know the metrical structure of the score.

To transfer a sequence of meter changes to the score, fill as many values as are need in the text fields, by specifying the measure number, the numerator and the denominator. If you want a rhythmic spine created but no time signtatures, check the Hide Time Signatures button. Click Create These Meters to create the meter changes in the score.

The Clear All Settings button resets all text fields to 0 so that new values can be inserted.

- For a long series of meter changes, fill the panel with values, create the meters, clear the values, and repeat this process until all the measures in your score are done. A mm value of 0 indicates the end of the sequence of meters.

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