Irrational Time Signatures Panel
  1. Choose the Tools menu.
  2. Choose the Irrational Time Signatures Panel... item from the Tools menu.

The Irrational Time Signatures panel is used to create non-standard time signatures such as 4/10 or 6/5. These time signatures are sometimes used in contemporary music to create local tempo changes within a single measure and can help reduce nested tuplets. Essentially, a time signature of 4/5 means that there are 4 beats in the measure and a quintuplet quarter note is the denominator. This avoids having 4 quintuplet quarter notes which would create an incomplete tuplet. During playback, the tempo is adjusted automatically to reflect the irrational time signature change. For example, when a tempo of 120 comes across a measure with a time signature, the tempo will be adjust to 150 for that measure.

To change time signatures, set the time signatures numerator and denominator with the two sliders. Choose how many measures from the current measure are to be changed to the new time signature: only one measure, to the end of the score, or to (and including) a specified measure number. You should also set whether you want images adjusted to new measure or kept in the same measures they are currently in. If you want the beam groupings of notes recalculated, check the Recalculate Beams check box. If you only want the rhythmic spine altered, but no new time signature to be entered and no image adjustments to take place, check the Change Spine Only check box. Once all the appropriate settings have been made, click on the Change Time Signature button.

If you have chosen either to change time signatures for one measure or until a specified measure number, the time signature will be changed back at the correct measure. In the example below, the time signature of the second measure was changed from 4/5 to 5/5.

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