Image List Panel
  1. Choose Help in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Image List... from the Help menu.

The Image List panel (short cut: Command - d) displays a list of most NoteAbilityPro images along with their commands.

The Image List panel contains eight rows of buttons, each with a NoteAbilityPro image on it. Clicking on one of the buttons loads the command for the image into the Command field in the front-most score. If the Hide This Panel After Selection box is checked, then the Image List panel disappears after the image has been choosen so that you can enter the image on the music page.

When first learning to use NoteAbilityPro, it is a good idea to use the Image List panel regularly until you are familiar with NoteAbilityPro image commands.

- The Image list does not contain a complete list of available images, only the most common. More complex commands such as wqe. and fffp are also available, but these must be typed in.

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