GFWD Note Editor
  1. Choose the Tools menu.
  2. Choose the GFWD Note Editor... item from the Tools menu.

The GFWD Note Editor was added to NoteAbilityPro so that action messages could be attached to notes and exported as part of an antescofo score-following file. This feature is only of interest for composer wanted to advanced score-following using the antescofo~ object developed at IRCAM.

The advantage of embedding antescofo action messages to notes is that you can use the rhythm of the music to create rhythmic antescofo events. In order to do this, first select the notes that you want converted to antescofo action messages:

In the GFWD Note Editor, click on the Load Selected Notes button to convert the notes to antescofo action messages. Once transferred, you can edit the table to customize the antescofo message.

The antescofo message will be created from the data in the table and by default the duration offset, pitch, velocity and duration values from the notes are transferred from the note data. However, the antescofo action messages are completely flexible and they can be altered to any list of values. If additional parameters are needed, engage the check box at the top of the column and enter new values in the column. If you want the default value passed down to all rows in the column, click on the small arrow button beside the name. In the example above, there should be a MaxMSP receive named "foo" that expects a list of 3 numbers (propbably representing the midi pitch, velocity and duration.) If I want fewer parameter included, they can be unchecked. In the example below, the method name has been changed to playnote and all but the first argument has been unchecked:

Once the Save Data has been chosen, the notes in the score will be converted to GFWD notes and they will be coloured to reflect this change. You will notice that the first note in the group has a slightly different colour since it is the note from which the other notes are connected in time. While these notes can be copied and pasted, you should only copy and paste the entire group - do not copy the later notes without the first note.

The antescofo file generated from this score will be:

GFWD 2.00 gEvent78
	0.000 playNote 60
	0.250 playNote 62
	0.250 playNote 64
	0.250 playNote 65
	0.250 playNote 67
	0.250 playNote 69
	0.250 playNote 71
	0.250 playNote 72

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