Entering Figured Bass

Figured bass symbols (basso continuo) can quickly and easily be added in NoteAbilityPro. Figured bass symbols are a subclass of lyrics, so they are entered and adjusted in a similar way. However, rather than using the Lyric tool, the Insert Image tool is used, and a Figured Bass command is typed followed by the Return key.

To enter figured bass symbols place the Entry Cursor on the desired staff and starting beat position and type the figured bass command followed by return. After the Figured Bass is entered, the Entry Cursor is incremented to the next note in the current voice.

The Command for figured bass begins with "F" (an uppercase F) and is followed by the figures (with each row in the figure separated by a comma). The available commands are numbers (1 through 9) and "#", "n" "b" or "/" for sharp, natural, flat or a slash through the number, and "-" to create an line that extends to the next figure. (Extension lines are connected to the next figure which could be a number or another line extension). There can be up to 4 rows of numbers in each figured bass symbol. NoteAbilityPro looks after proper alignment and positioning of the figures.

The examples show the sequence of commands and the figures that result. The first example shows a variety of figures, while the second shows how line extensions can be used.

F6,4,3    F#6,3    Fn5,b   F6,5

F7-,4,2-   F6,5-,3-    F7-,4,-   F6,4,2

- The font (and font size) of figured bass symbols can be changed by setting the Lyric font in the Preferences panel or by setting a new font in the Lyric pane in the Music Images panel and the distance of the figured bass from the staff can be adusted using the Lyric position button.

- Although extension lines will not extend to the next figure when they are first entered (since the next figure does not yet exist), they will be drawn correctly when the measure is later redrawn.

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